Over 4,000 Miles of New Fiber Completed in 2022!

Our team has extensive field experience on both the technician and management levels. We combine high quality work, quality control and technical training which are all the things we believe make for top tier business in this industry. We highly value our work force and clients, and believe in paying well for good, quality work. In addition, we strive to provide a healthy work environment that positively influences our employees.

Sunrise Telecom is a privately held business established in 2013. As a leader in the communications industry, we provide extensive services ranging from installation to contracting. Our focus is on meeting the needs of every client, every time; we accomplish this by valuing our employees as well as our partners. We have numerous incentives that are metric driven, what makes us company of choice among individuals and teams with varying experience levels, that are searching for new employment opportunities.

Aerial Construction

Strand Construction
Cable Placement
De-Lash/Re-Lash /Over-Lash
Closure Installation
Placement/Strand Placement
Pole Installation/Transfers
Power Supplies



Horizontal Directional Drilling
Vibratory Plow & Trenching
Vac-Tron Excavation
Bridge/River/Interstate Crossings
Drop Bury
Cable Blowing/Pulling
Cabinet Placements


Fiber Splicing
Coax Splicing
Hot Cuts – In Service
Custom Assemblies


Fiber Optic Testing & Certification
Cable Assemblies
Emergency Restoration


Customer Fulfillment
Video/HSI/VOIP Installation & Service
Commercial Business
Home Security
Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) Wiring
Sweep & Balance
FTTH Installations

Other Services

Storm Rebuilds & Repair
Drop Placements (Coax/Fiber)
Trouble Call Support
MDU Construction & Wiring
Specialty Directional Boring
Digitally Documented Service Disconnects
Field Audits
Equipment Recovery
Quality Control Audits
Equipment Cleaning & Refurbishing
Field Terminations

ADSS (All Dielectric Self Support)