In today’s age of rapidly advancing technology and communication, the installation of underground fiber cables, has become a crucial element for success. Sunrise Telecom recognizes this need and offers comprehensive turn-key services to meet all your utility requirements, whether it’s expanding your fiber network or installing underground power in both rural and urban areas.

With our underground boring services, there’s no need for extensive digging or trenching, which reduces environmental disruption and is a more cost-effective solution. Our experienced technicians use directional underground boring to install fiber lines, resulting in a much faster installation process than above-ground methods. This eliminates the need for additional equipment such as cranes and excavators, which speeds up the process and reduces disruption to the community.

Sunrise Telecom’s turn-key services also include maintaining and upgrading your system as needed. Our trenching and boring service team members have the expertise and knowledge to efficiently install fiber lines, regardless of soil and bedrock types, in both developed and undeveloped areas. This ensures that your project stays on time and delivers high-quality work.


  • To be an employer of choice by recruiting and maintaining the highest caliber employees and keeping turnover to a minimum.
  • To meet the needs of every customer every time by providing high quality work and superior customer service from the first visit.
  • To be a contractor of choice by partnering with our MSO’s to provide exceptional support in all areas with top performance numbers.


Our in-house underground and electrical crews can provide turn-key power installations in a timely and safe manner. We prioritize quality and safety and ensure that our field staff have the necessary training and certifications to get the job done right.