Turnkey Solutions in Telecom

Aerial Construction

Sunrise Telecom’s aerial construction and installations services offer comprehensive solutions for strand construction, cable placement, and closure installations. Our experienced team ensures precise de-lash/re-lash/over-lash, pole installations/transfers, and placement/strand placement, all while adhering to the highest safety standards and providing reliable power supplies.

Underground Construction

We specialize in several techniques, including horizontal directional drilling, vibratory plow and trenching, vac-tron excavation, bridge and river crossings, drop bury, micro-trenching, conduit placing, cable blowing and pulling, and cabinet placements.

 Splicing Services 

Sunrise Telecom provides a range of fiber services, including FTTH/FTTP/FTTX installations and maintenance. Our expert technicians also perform fiber optic testing and certification to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We also offer high-quality cable assemblies and emergency restoration services to minimize disruptions to your operations.

Installation Services

Sunrise Telecom takes pride in providing exceptional installation service for video, high-speed internet, and voice-over-IP (VOIP). We specialize in security system installations and MDU wiring, ensuring reliable and high-quality services for all our clients.

Sunrise Telecom

No Matter the Obstacles, Sunrise Gets it Done!

Sunrise Telecom is committed to providing their clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their underground telecom construction needs.